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About us


To create a designer space for everyone without the hassle and sacrifice. 

Notes: More easily affordable than conventional options such as architects and luxury materials; no personal time sacrifice for hunting for materials and bargains; and less confusion and help when making decisions). 


A beautiful home people will love to live in will be available and accessible for everyone, internationally.


We inspire people to live in designer homes and not settle for mediocre results. When they need help, we are there.

(Notes: We simplify high-end renovation processes, make it more affordable and more convenient, so people will not choose mediocre solutions just due to time and money constraints. We provide architectural design, high-end, custom-made, quality renovation materials and furniture, and builder packages, simplified and available for everyone.) 


Be a nice human to all parties in this journey.   Understand the difficulties of people renovating but do not forget the other side of the coin; artists, small manufacturers, builders…

Build win-win Partnerships with suppliers. Build long term, mutual respect trade partnerships by always demonstrating integrity and fairness.

Be humble. There is always more room to learn and improve ourselves.

No waste. Destination is always 0% waste.

Love of failure. We try, fail and stand up and try again. We will continuously improve what we do, and come up with the most simplified renovation process.

Let's Renovate