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How does Boxareno work?

Tell us about your home renovation project via and submit the photos and floor plan of areas that you want to renovate in your place.Having more detailed information will help us give you a better response and add more value. The areas in your home you want to renovate, the construction materials used in your home, the layout of your house, whether it’s cosmetic or structural are all important pieces of information. This helps us more specifically to source products overseas.Our process consists of 3 phases.Design – Source – Build


Design is the first phase at Boxareno. After your design form submission and design service fee payment, we will call you at an agreed time to discuss further the details of your renovation, and then the design process starts. Design service is a flat fee of$298 per room including kitchen and bathrooms. We’ll create 3 design options for your renovation according to your design style.

All designs will includean approximate cost for realising the design. It is approximate because it is OK to change your mind! We can provide you updated cost estimates if you change your mind about a product. We can also design furniture for you… We’ll communicate which design performs best according to what you need and want.

Mood boards, 3D architectural renders, and floor plans are all included.

This process takes approximately 4 weeks.


Boxareno is the sourcing hero.  An initial $498 flat fee is going to give you the shopping list.

Based on your preferred design, we will create your shopping list. Here is our chance to shine! We go wild at this stage. We can manufacture anything made of wood, fabric, and metal and combine them with any other materials that we can purchase. We do not have a travel blogger job but we do travel in our region to find you the best product and the best price.

Custom products  usually top the list in high-end designs. Our designers will design and come up with specifications and 3D renderings of your custom designed furniture. Skilled woodworkers and fabric experts will help you get your dream design. They understand fine textiles and can make anything you can think of made of wood, metal, or fabric. We take our time to craft your dream furniture piece so that when it’s complete, you’ll have something that will be heirloom-quality, a gem in your home for years to come! And this will put an end to the frustration of endlessly looking for the right items online or in stores. All furniture we produce comes with an easy installation guide.

If we cannot manufacture, such as tiles, mattresses or kitchen cabinetry hardware, natural stone for your kitchen…. We will source them from Europe to reduce the price but not the quality, we will use our trade discounts, negotiate for you and buy for the best price from designer shops, and only if they meet our exacting standards.

We will prepare all sourced products in a way to reduce the set-up time for your masterpiece. We will even pre-assemble items overseas if they are time-consuming to assemble on site, or we will redesign an easier product with luxury features for you. We will then come up with a high-quality, unique, high-end shopping list you will truly enjoy.

Your shopping list will include the full price of sourcing, designing, and producing your dream pieces. A fully customied home that reflects your personality, style, and taste.  Once the shopping list is approved, we will start purchasing them and keep them safe for you. Time required for sourcing and manufacturing depends on the complexity, size, and supply of the renovation materials and products you choose. All materials and products will be collected in our safe storage. Put them in a box (actually…more likely a container) and sent to your address.

Your box will arrive approximately 45 days after all purchases are made (Due to Covid, this time can take longer).

Does it all sound pricey? Try and see our prices…


Your renovation will be simplified and streamlined.

Your renovation materials and furniture will come with a set-up guide for each room, bathroom or kitchen. (All included) We will recommend you builders to work with, and if you are an owner-builder, you can save more. We will provide unlimited project support from our architects and interior designers who will work with your builder to make sure everything is perfect. We are with you till the end. With all the renovation materials on the site ready, builders equipped with detailed  3D renders and plans, knowing what they are doing, your renovation will finish in no time.

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